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Access/Ticket types

At INCREDEVENT, instead of calling them tickets, we've adopted the term 'access' to better reflect the evolution of event entry methods. Traditional tear-off tickets have become nearly obsolete, and with the advent of various non-traditional formats, we decided it was time for an update.

Here's an overview of the access options available for purchase online:



For physical attendance at events, access is granted through a scannable QR code provided via our INCREDEVENT app. Although presenting an ID with the QR code is often requested by event organizers, it remains an optional security measure. It’s important to note that each QR code can only be scanned once. Currently, access QR codes can be retrieved from the account of the purchaser or via an email attachment; however, for enhanced security, we foresee a future where they won’t be sent through email. Our app also enables you to monitor the number of attendees by scanning them in and out.

Scan & Watch!


Distinctly separate from in-person attendance, virtual access requires an internet-connected device and is typically issued as a specialized ‘magic link’ that is exclusive to the individual user. This link can be opened on only one device at a time. Alternatively, a non-exclusive standard link that necessitates an extra username and password may be used. Magic links are emailed to purchasers and are accessible within their accounts as well.


Understanding INCREDEVENT Terminology

Hybrid Event

This term describes an event that combines in-person and virtual formats.


Refers to financial contributions that are unrelated to event access.

Comps & Will Call

These terms represent complimentary access to an event, which could be either in-person or virtual.

Concert Crowd

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

by Event Planners

Access/Ticket Types

Bundle Pricing

Comps & Will Call

Email Your Buyers


Scanning app


Promoter Dashboard

Virtual Events


Buyer Data

Discounts & Bundles

Event Dashboard

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Password Protect Tickets/Access


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Clone Event

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Reserved Seating

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