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Virtual Access


Virtual events have been all the rage since 2020

Some people prefer to experience events from the comfort of their home and we don’t really blame them! Virtual events can be fun, interactive and comfortable.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their favourite Christmas event in festive PJs?

We offer 2 types of virtual event access:

Magic Links:

This form of access is a time-saver and extremely cool. Purchase access, get a link, click on it, and you’re in. No fuss, no extra accounts, just enjoy the event!

General Access:

A link is sent out to the event. Once at the link a user will either enter the feed or need to make an account on the platform the feed is being viewed on.

No matter which option, INCREDEVENT makes it as easy as possible to attend virtual events.

Concert Crowd

Check out events in your area now.

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Every Feature YOU want.. Need!

Click the feature to learn more about it.


Guest Purchasing

Guided Checkout

In-Person Access

Refunds, Exchanges, Upgrades & Transfers

Scannable Codes

Brand & Event Directory

24/7 Live Support

Virtual Access

4 Types of Discounts

Purchase Management

Payment Purchasing Options

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