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Fee Structure Options

Ticketing Fees

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Our fee structure is really easy to understand. We will always charge just a teeny, tiny 10% maximum on transactions. High ticket items can receive a discount from 10%.

What’s the industry average? 22%! So save 12% off the jump with INCREDEVENT.

And yes, that includes processing fees. The only fee that isn’t included is “Additional Fees” which are set by you, the event planner.

Concert Crowd

Get Approved to sell on INCREDEVENT!

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

by Event Planners

Access/Ticket Types

Bundle Pricing

Comps & Will Call

Email Your Buyers


Scanning app


Promoter Dashboard

Virtual Events


Buyer Data

Discounts & Bundles

Event Dashboard

Guest Lists & VIP

Password Protect Tickets/Access


White Labelling

Brand Dashboard

Clone Event

Easy Event Creation

Fee Structure Options

In-Person Events

Payment Processing Options


Reserved Seating

User Permissions


While other platforms often charge subscription rates for the use of email, we charge a fee for each email sent.

It’s so tiny you likely won’t even notice: $0.01/email.

No duplicates are sent and fees can go as low $0.0005/email (depending on volume).

We do not charge for sending system emails.

Why 10%

Well, the easiest explanation is that it is the fairest starting point. Internationally, the average processing fee is 4%.

This means that INCREDEVENT would collect 6%, which covers costs of the event management software.

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Subscription Fees

We also charge subscription fees for some services such as our VIP feature.

The fees are determined by how many guests will be using the software and how many features are needed.

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