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Feature Roadmap

Check out all our planned features!

  • API (Ours & 3rd Parties)
    While the INCREDEVENT API isn't formalized and available freely online, our team does allow custom integrations. We have opened up our API to dozens of platforms and event planners. Regarding connecting with 3rd party APIs, this will be a custom integration, and we recommend contacting us to vet the connection. 3rd party APIs we have or are currently connected to include: HubSpot, Facebook, OBV, Zoom, Mailchimp, Brevo, SendGrid, and many more.
  • Analytics
    Found under Event Options. We offer an ever growing suite of analytical data about your brands and events including event views, page visits, sales, promo code usage, scans, and more.
  • Brand Dashboard
    Found under My Brands. Our brand dashboard is ground zero for INCREDEVENT. Here you can build out new brands or select between your various pre-existing brands. View financials, edit your brand page, checkout payout history, offer user permissions, format your embeds, set your default taxes, and more!
  • Buyer Data
    Found under Event Options. The event buyers list offers an incredible amount of data about your buyers including name, quantity of purchases, price paid, email, order date, type of purchase, internal notes, invoice number, IP address, city, ticket details, Q&A answers (if applicable), and more! You can search each of your lists by name or email for quick viewing. Your buyers, products, and pre-sale lists tie directly to our email system and you can download a CSV whenever you'd like or view the information conveniently in our simple table format.
  • Clone Event
    Found under Event Options. Sometimes the new event is basically the same as an old event. For this reason, we have a feature called clone event. All you have to do is change either the name or date of the event and it'll save as a new event. Quick and easy! How you like dem apples?
  • Comp Tickets & Will Call
    Found under Event Options. Sometimes you want to hook someone up for the hell of it. Sometimes you want to issue comp tickets as a reward. Sometimes comps are a part of a marketing strategy. Whatever your reason for issuing comps, we offer a quick and easy system to do so. We also offer Will Call slips because sometimes you issue comps and people sell them. With Will Call, we issue a slip which that person brings with them to the venue with their ID to claim their tickets on the spot. Manually enter each comp or use our CSV template to do a bulk upload! You can easily search your comps in our convenient tables or download the CSV.
  • Discounts & Bundles
    Found under Event Options. Basically everyone is familiar with promo codes. Create your promo codes on the fly by $ or % and use those codes to promote that Incredible event you've got going on. We also offer bulk discounts. You can set a threshold based on total value of the purchase or total purchases and the buyer will automatically see a discount applied in their cart. Last, but certainly not least, we have Bundles. This can be used to discount a group of items or to offer a group of items as a singular purchase. View all of the information in our clean tables or download a CSV.
  • Easy Event Creation
    Found under My Events. Our event pages are robust and feature-rich but after many iterations, we somehow packed all of those features into easy event creation. We've made creating an event basically paint by numbers. Sell or offer free tickets, accept donations, issue a guest list, sell products, and more with INCREDEVENT's Incredible Event creation tool. There is no limit to the amount of events you can create.
  • Email Your Buyers
    Found under Event Options. This is one of those features that will only get better over time. Currently, our Email feature offers: Instant Email: Send an email on demand to event buyers, past event buyers, pre-sale lists, and even imported lists! Automation: Set up custom automations like purchase confirmation, cart abandoned, or day of event emails. Set these up one time and they'll trigger based on the rules you set up. Import Lists: You can use INCREDEVENT as your primary email system if you'd like. Import your contacts and send emails to these lists just the same as your event lists. Errors: One of the worst features on email systems is debugging your contacts that have incorrect or undeliverable emails. We make it easy with quick edits or deletes in our Errors section of the Email dashboard. Use of our email system costs $0.005/email delivered and there are no duplicates sent.
  • Fee Structure Options
    We have two types of fee options and various conditions as well: Pay-As-You Go: This is the most traditional way that fees are collected in the event management world. Charge a fee on each ticket/access purchase, one-by-one. INCREDits: Pre-purchase bulk INCREDits for a lower rate than Pay-As-You Go and have them applied as you sell tickets. Free Tickets/Access: Issuing anything for free on our platform comes with no additional cost unless it is a registration system or custom integration. Donations: Offer donations on INCREDEVENT for 50% of our tickets/access charges. Subscriptions: In the case of VIP and guest list, we charge a monthly subscription fee. Per-Use Services: Our Email system is pay-per-delivery.
  • Financials
    Found under Event Options. Our block format financials are optimized regularly. The green blocks are revenue, red are expenses, orange are fees, and blue are totals. For redundancy and accuracy the bottom row and last column calculate to the bottom right tile. Also view information by tier or product by clicking on any block with a down arrow. One last feature of our financials is that you can see the total items sold as well. No need for confusing spreadsheets or forensic accountants ... yay!
  • Our Ticket Scanning App
    Found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is our goal to publish all INCREDEVENT features to our app. However, for now we'll continue adding features and have started with the most crucial: Current Events: View current events history and scan in your buyers. Previous Events: View the scan history for previous events. Scanner: Scan by code or search for buyers by email, name, phone number, or ticket number. INCREDEFEED: All updates for your INCREDEVENT account.
  • Password Protect Tickets/Access
    If you would like to make it so that purchasing is password protected, INCREDEVENT can do that. When creating your tickets/access just select to Password Protect it. This way, you can create exclusivity.
  • Payment Processing Options
    INCREDEVENT accepts nearly all forms of payment. If your card has a VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, DISCOVER, or UnionPay logo on it then we accept your card of choice. We offer Apple and Google Pay, as well as instalment plans with Afterpay. We also process payments from nearly every type of card, and nearly every country. Have a payment option you'd like to see us add? Let us know.
  • Print Tickets
    Found under Event Options. You can print straight from your ticket tier's inventory on either letter or stock paper. All tickets come with a unique bar code that can only be scanned once. DO NOT print multiple copies of these tickets. It will only confuse your ticket buyers, and create headaches for you on the date of your event. If you are printing a large quantity of tickets (50+) it may take some time for your browser to download the file. Please be patient while the download takes place. TO PRINT STOCK: You must buy a BOCA printer and ticket stock . We no longer provide these items as you must be a direct consumer of BOCA to receive their excellent support. You may have to rotate the ticket images to print. It really depends on what app you use to view the prints and what printer you have.
  • Private & Public Event Options
    With one checkbox when you submit your event you actively choose whether you want your event available to the public or you want to keep it private to only those who you send the link to. Picture this like the "Unlinked" option on YouTube.
  • Promoter Dashboard
    Found under Event Options. Our Promoter Dashboard is a best-in-class unique feature that allows you to track, communicate, and monitor promoters (affiliates, vendors, influencers, and staff). Basically, anyone who sells tickets for you can be added to the system. Features include: Promoter Setup: Add promoters by email and allocate tickets to sell. They'll get a unique link for tracking sales and in some cases, a cash code to track in-person sales. Commissions: Setup commissions to make your reward system transparent and easy to communicate. Financials: Separate financials that outlined promoter sales in greater detail. Collections: If your promoters collect payments off of INCREDEVENT, you can go with reciprocal payments. Their Promoter Dashboard: All promoters get their own dashboard to track their sales as well.
  • Types of Access/Tickets You Can Sell
    INCREDEVENT offers the sale of the following tickets/access: In-Person: Tickets for live attendance at a venue. Virtual: Access via links to virtual events. Donation: No access provided, just your buyers supporting your cause. We also offer VIP purchases such as bottles, food, and sections. Sell products as well!
  • Events Dashboard
    Found under My Events. The most commonly used page on our entire platform, the Event Dashboard allows you to create, edit, and facilitate all of your event activity from one easy-to-use menu.
  • White Labelling
    INCREDEVENT offers buyer white labelling. Essentially, the buyer gets the INCREDEVENT experience but branded just for you. Depending on the required features, there can be an additional charge for white labelling. What's included? Custom domain. Custom logo design. Dark or light mode primary preference. Custom emails. Custom tech support. Slack channel for communication.
  • Taxes
    Found under the Brand Dashboard or in Create/Edit/Clone Event. Add taxes that are relative to your event easily. Setting them at the brand level will add these taxes to every event.
  • User Permissions
    Found under the Brand Dashboard. Setting user permissions allows others to access all of parts of your account. You can set permissions for you brands or events. Use in the cases of, but not limited to, giving an accountant access to your financials or giving your door person access to the scanner app.
  • Event Directory
    INCREDEVENT offers a directory of events hosted on INCREDEVENT and around the web. You can search by city, date and event name.
  • Manage Tickets
    Found under your Profile Photo. Here, you can upgrade or exchange your purchases, as well as request refunds. Not all planner activate this dashboard, so if you don't see it, it's because you have no purchases that qualify. NOTE: This page is being phased out in favour of having the information entirely under your "My Purchases".
  • My Purchases
    Outside of event pages, this will be the most common page you will use as a buyer. All of your purchases are located in an easy to use dashboard that displays the most immediate events you've purchased for, as well as a filter for all events and events by date. Under each event tile you'll find event info and the purchase date, as well as purchase options: In-Person Tickets: Tickets for access to the venue. Dashboard Access: Access to the virtual broadcast. Receipt: A record of your purchase. Manage Attendees: Send tickets to people in your group. You can revoke access (if need be) later. Ticket Questions: Tech support for using our platform. Event Questions: If you want to contact the event planner, just use this form and they'll get an email from you. Upgrade: Looking to take your experience to another level? Upgrade your ticket. This is only applicable to purchases of greater value. Exchange: Purchase the wrong ticket? Just exchange for access at equal value. Refund Request: Refunds must be approved by the event planner and you can request one by clicking on this option. Transfer: Selling your tickets? The only legit way to do so is through our transfer feature. Event Page: A link to the event page on demand. Guest List Tickets: Any guest list purchases are listed here. Waiver: Signed a waiver? View it here and you can download it if you'd like. FAQs: Frequently asked questions about the event. Not all options display for every event. If you do not see the option above for the event you have purchased for, it simply means that option is not available. We offer more features regularly so don't be surprised to see updates!
  • Payment Processing Options
    INCREDEVENT accepts nearly all forms of payment. If your card has a VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, DISCOVER, or UnionPay logo on it then we accept your card of choice. We also offer Apple and Google Pay, as well as instalment plans by Afterpay. Have a payment option you'd like to see us add? Let us know.
  • Scannable Codes
    Many of your purchases have scannable codes. These codes are unique and only scannable via our app or those apps we've granted access, ensuring your purchase is always safe.
  • Guest Purchasing
    Save time at the checkout, and purchase your event access and products as a guest with your desired email. The system will generate an account for you upon your completed payment, with an email sent to you with your new account details.
  • Financials
    INCREDEVENT strives for promoter transparency in the events industry. As such, we show you all of your financials. See your commission rates, collections, and transactional information live.
  • Payment Processing Options
    INCREDEVENT accepts nearly all forms of payment. If your card has a VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, DISCOVER, or UnionPay logo on it then we accept your card of choice. We also offer Apple and Google Pay, as well as instalment plans by Afterpay. Have a payment option you'd like to see us add? Let us know.
  • Promo Buyers List
    INCREDEVENT strives for promoter transparency in the events industry. Under the buyers list, you can see everyone who purchased through your link along with the details that a planner would see for all purchases.
  • Promo Page
    Your promo page is a feature unique to INCREDEVENT. No matter how many events you are added to in our system, and no matter how many event planners use your promotional services, your promo page will display each of them. This means you have one link to share for all events!
  • Promoter Dashboard
    Your Promoter Dashboard is what displays when you login on the Promo side of INCREDEVENT. The options menu is the only place you need to go to view your account details.
  • Promoter Link
    This is the event link that you'll want to share when promoting a singular event. The link contains a special code that credits you for the sale when someone buys using it.
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