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Brand and event analytics are an important part of event production.

Without analytics you won’t have enough data to make informed decisions about the next steps you should take.

Our analytics are a constant work in progress. However, at the current time you can see great metrics.

Relive Your Memorable Moments

Explore your journey through past events – every gathering, celebration, and milestone captured in your profile.


Event Analytics

Event Views

How many people looked at the event page.

Total Virtual Access Sales

Quantity of tickets sold for virtual attendance.

Total Donation Sales

How much you've made off of donations.

Promo Code Usage

How many promo codes were used on the event.

Total Sales (Revenue)

All sales for the event.

Total Promoters

How many promoters have you signed up to sell on your behalf.

Total In-Person Access Sales

Quantity of tickets sold for in-person attendance.

Total Sales (Quantity)

Quantity of all access sold for the event.

Total Promoter Sales

How much revenue promoters have brought in.

App Statistics

Access Scanned In (non unique)

Total scans throughout the event.

Access Scanned In (unique)

The number of unique QR codes that were scanned in.

Access Scanned Out (non unique)

Total times people were scanned out of the event.

Access Scanned Out (unique)

The number of unique QR codes that were scanned out.

Return Scans

How many people returned after being scanned out.

Total Access Not Scanned

Number of QR codes not scanned.

Concert Crowd

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Data tracking is easy with INCREDEVENT

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

by Event Planners

Access/Ticket Types

Bundle Pricing

Comps & Will Call

Email Your Buyers


Scanning app


Promoter Dashboard

Virtual Events


Buyer Data

Discounts & Bundles

Event Dashboard

Guest Lists & VIP

Password Protect Tickets/Access


White Labelling

Brand Dashboard

Clone Event

Easy Event Creation

Fee Structure Options

In-Person Events

Payment Processing Options


Reserved Seating

User Permissions

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