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Email your Buyers

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Our CRM is a powerful marketing and updates tool for event planners and it’s broken up into three sections:

  • Instant Email

  • Automations

  • List Creation

Instant Email

Instant email allows you to select relevant buyers from all events (past, present and future) and email them on the spot.

Embeds and attachments are allowed.

It is best to get your email white labelled with us, which will ensure more of your messages skip the junk folder.

You should also not use a free email service to deliver Instant Email like @‌ or @‌

Many email services will junk those messages.


Coming Soon: Custom Automations

Send automated emails to your buyers or potential buyers that include relevant event info and/or marketing messages.


Automations currently available:

  • Purchased: An email that is sent to a buyer once they have successfully completed a purchase.

  • Abandoned: An email sent 12 hours after someone starts the purchase process but then decides not to continue. As long as they input their email into our system, we can reach out to them.

  • 1 Week from Event: An email sent out 7-days before your event.

  • 1 Day from Event: An email sent 24 hours before your event.

  • Day of Event: An email sent a few hours before your event.


All you have to do is go to Automations under the Email Event Options and turn on your chosen automations. If you would like to customize the messaging instead of using our standard templates, just select “Click to Update”.

List Creation

Why use an outside CRM is you can just use INCREDEVENT?


We now allow custom contact list uploading one-by-one or in bulk via CSV.


This allows you to send email to everyone on your list, regardless of whether they have purchased from an event of yours.

To top it off, we’ve made it easy to find email addresses with errors in them. If an email can’t be delivered we will add it to the error screen.

Update it and resubmit from sending.

Remember, we have more email features coming … stay tuned!

Concert Crowd

Get Approved to sell on INCREDEVENT!

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

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Email Your Buyers


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Promoter Dashboard

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