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My Purchases


Outside of event pages, this will be the most common page you will use as a buyer. 

All of your purchases are located in an easy to use dashboard that displays the most immediate events you've purchased for, previous events, as well as a filter for all events and events by date.


In-Person Tickets:

Tickets for access to the venue.


A record of your purchase.

Ticket Questions:

Tech support for using our platform.


Looking to take your experience to another level? Upgrade your ticket. This is only applicable to purchases of greater value.

Refund Request:

Refunds must be approved by the event planner and you can request one by clicking on this option.

Event Page:

A link to the event page on demand.


Signed a waiver? View it here and you can download it if you'd like.

Dashboard Access:

Access to the virtual broadcast.

Manage Attendees:

Send tickets to people in your group. You can revoke access (if need be) later.

Event Questions:

If you want to contact the event planner, just use this form and they'll get an email from you.

Exchange :

Purchase the wrong ticket? Just exchange for access at equal value.


Selling your tickets? The only legit way to do so is through our transfer feature.

Guest List:

Any guest list purchases are listed here.


Frequently asked questions about the event.

Under each event tile you'll find event info and the purchase date, as well as purchase options:

Not all options display for every event.
If you do not see the option above for the event you have purchased for, it simply means that option is not available.

We offer more features regularly so don't be surprised to see updates!

Concert Crowd

Check out events in your area now.

Every Feature YOU want.. Need!

Click the feature to learn more about it.


Guest Purchasing

Guided Checkout

In-Person Access

Refunds, Exchanges, Upgrades & Transfers

Scannable Codes

Brand & Event Directory

24/7 Live Support

Virtual Access

4 Types of Discounts

Purchase Management

Payment Purchasing Options

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