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Social Discounts

Perhaps one of our most unique offerings on INCREDEVENT, is our Social Discounts feature. Offer a social discount at checkout!

Here's how it works..

If the discount is enabled, you can offer your buyer a chance to post the event link on select social networks (currently Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). They would then copy the link to the post and input it. Our system will scan to see if the link is legitimate. If it is, the discount will be applied. If not, the link will be rejected.

This discount is only available on select planner accounts.

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INCREDEVENT offers plenty of discount options with more added as we roll out new features:

  • Promo codes

  • Social discounts

  • Bulk discounts

  • Bundles

We’ll outline what each discount does so that you can move forward with the best promotions possible.



Promo Codes

Generate promo codes in our system based on % or $ value. Set the dates the code is available, the quantity, what purchases you’d like to apply the promo code to, and your custom code name. You can also restrict the codes use at any time by deactivating it.

Concert Crowd

Get Approved to sell on INCREDEVENT!

Bulk Discounts

Offer discounts to your baller customers!

Bulk discounts work exactly as they sound. If someone buys a pre-determined amount of purchases or a pre-determined total cart, they get a bulk discount right on the spot automatically.

Of course, you set the pre-determined amounts. This is a great marketing hook as well as a surprise feature.


We cover bundles in this article, but the idea is that you can bundle together any purchases for your event and offer them at one rate.

So, pick a ticket tier, a product, and even a guest list item valued at $300 with a markdown to $250!

Bundles are a great way to move merchandise or items that aren’t selling as expected.

Other Discounts

Alternatively, you can use password protected tiers that allow select individuals to access certain discounts.

You can also offer free tickets on your events with zero fees.

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

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