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Brand Dashboard

Event Management and Ticketing Websites can be overly complicated or follow a dates left bar layout where the options take you many steps away from where you need to be. What happens next? you get lost.

Event Planners shouldn't need a compass, map and a packed lunch just to navigate their event management platform. Enter, INCREDEVENT.

As a Planner, you need only navigate two dashboards; The brand and event dashboards. For this article, we'll speak only of brand.

First, What is a Brand?

A brand is the company or concept that all events live under.


So, let’s say you own two nightclubs; Lux and Mystique (bonus points if you understand that references). You would then make a brand for Lux and another for Mystique. These brands would be completely independent of each other while remaining in a central location on INCREDEVENT.

The Dashboard

the first thing you'll notice is that you have 2 menus on the dashboard; My Brands and Added Brands.

My Brands are brands you have added,
and Added brands are brands you've been added to.

Each brand has a menu called 'Select Brand Options". Under that menu you'll find all possible options you can execute on for that brand.

you can see total financials, analytics, your payouts, assign or delete additional users, view events, get code for embeds, edit your brand page and info, and setup default taxes.

My Brands - Desktop.png

More options are coming every month!

Our Brand to Event relationship is one of the best features on INCREDEVENT.


It makes navigating between all the brands you work one click and done.

Concert Crowd

Get Approved to sell on INCREDEVENT!

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

by Event Planners

Access/Ticket Types

Bundle Pricing

Comps & Will Call

Email Your Buyers


Scanning app


Promoter Dashboard

Virtual Events


Buyer Data

Discounts & Bundles

Event Dashboard

Guest Lists & VIP

Password Protect Tickets/Access


White Labelling

Brand Dashboard

Clone Event

Easy Event Creation

Fee Structure Options

In-Person Events

Payment Processing Options


Reserved Seating

User Permissions

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