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Bundle Pricing


Sometimes you want to offer more than just access or a product. Sometimes you want to offer bundles! INCREDEVENT can do that.

While we list this feature under Discounts, you can use it with regular pricing as well.

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So, what is a bundle?

Bundles are multiple items in one package. When our CEO Jay uses it for his Halloween event he’ll have a Super Scream Bundle which includes 4 tickets to an experience, 8 photo booth photos, 4 “I survived” or “I died” shirts” and a giant nacho food plate all listed for $500.

Concert Crowd

Get Approved to sell on INCREDEVENT!

Concert Crowd

Get Approved to sell on INCREDEVENT!

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Incredible Features for Event Planners

by Event Planners

Access/Ticket Types

Bundle Pricing

Comps & Will Call

Email Your Buyers


Scanning app


Promoter Dashboard

Virtual Events


Buyer Data

Discounts & Bundles

Event Dashboard

Guest Lists & VIP

Password Protect Tickets/Access


White Labelling

Brand Dashboard

Clone Event

Easy Event Creation

Fee Structure Options

In-Person Events

Payment Processing Options


Reserved Seating

User Permissions

Why bundle?

Bundles convert into sales! It’s much easier for someone to buy a Bundle than to select all options individually. Also, Bundles drive sales where you want them.

Have some products you need to blow out? Want to incentivize a particular access tier over another? Just Bundle them up and get buyers quickly!

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